BMW Ring-Taxi.

You will never forget this drive. Take your seat alongside professional racing drivers and experienced instructors from the BMW Driving Experience and feel the unique fascination of the “Green Hell” in a powerful BMW M5 Sedan.This superlative taxi ride round the 20.832-kilometre Nordschleife, with its 73 corners, will give you a unique insight into why this circuit is regarded as one of the most challenging in the world. Since 1986 the BMW Ring-Taxi at the Nürburgring has thrilled more than 90,000 passengers and clocked in excess of 650,000 kilometres over the course of more than 30,000 laps. You too can enjoy an exciting lap with true Nordschleife experts like BMW driver Claudia Hürtgen.

Overview of dates 2014.

The events are released for booking at regular intervals. The lead-up time for each event booking is typically 2 months. Like the tickets, the dates can only be booked online. Please always have your ticket number handy when making a booking.

June 2014  

Sunday 01.06.2014
Saturday 14.06.2014
Sunday 15.06.2014
Saturday 28.06.2014
Sunday 29.06.2014



July 2014  

Sunday 06.07.2014
Sunday 13.07.2014
Saturday 19.07.2014
Sunday 20.07.2014

August 2014  

Sunday 03.08.2014
Saturday 09.08.2014
Sunday 10.08.2014
Saturday 16.08.2014
Sunday 17.08.2014
Sunday 24.08.2014
Sunday 31.08.2014



September 2014  

Sunday 07.09.2014
Sunday 14.09.2014
Saturday 20.09.2014
Sunday 21.09.2014
Sunday 28.09.2014

October 2014  

Friday 03.10.2014
Saturday 04.10.2014
Sunday 12.10.2014
Saturday 18.10.2014
Sunday 26.10.2014